London, 100 Years Apart

It feels like everything is changing in London every day.

But do we understand how it evolved over time? Did the gender balance ever change? What jobs do people have now?

How fast did it change? Why?

London, 100 Years Apart | How did the population of London change over time?

Between 1801 and 2011, London's population grew from around 1 million to over 8 million people. But which of London boroughs hold most of the population? Did this change over time? Click 'Replay' to find out.

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As shown in the map, the boundary of London expanded due to the introduction of Greater London authority in 1965. This is not just adjustment to the boundary of where London is located, but it reflects the change of where economic activities happen and where people live in the current London.
In late 1800s,
In late 1900s,

The overall employment rate stays rather static between 67.12% and 68.53%.

The rate makes a rapid increase consistently over 40 years with a small dip of -0.79% between 1981 and 1991.